Monday, December 10, 2012

Working Method 10: Rumination Folds

1. Are physical states meditating states? Are they ever obsolete?

2. Is higher reality material in some sense? Can real beings really manifest reality?

3. Does spirituality have more than one feeling? Is life just a privilege?

4. Is state of mind a state of ownership? Is life just a series of messages that merit being answered, perhaps by a feeling that doesn't intrinsically belong to the self?

5. Is subtlety lost for everyone who commits to knowledge, must something be thrown away? Isn't history more real than realization?

6. Isn't failure or success the interaction of parasites who require no conscious knowledge at all? Aren't murderers dreamers?

7. Isn't illusion an illusion? Isn't everything obvious to those who aren't taught anything? Or more so than receiving a simple confusing message? Isn't life complex and self-solving? Shouldn't we be granted the right kind of opportunity, if we are thoughtful, or laboring, or giving?

8. Doesn't everything confirm some sort of reality, which does not explain uselessness? Yet isn't laziness the most understandable thing? Do I have to be a robber to realize useful thinking?

9. Isn't significance inevitable if there has been infinite sacrifice? Yet isn't the smallest sacrifice regrettable?

10. Isn't consciousness maddening when it isn't complacent?

11. But isn't complacency more expensive and useless?

12. Is there a choice between trickery and fools?

13. Isn't that a compromise of intelligence?

14. Is everything deferred for judgment?

15. Isn't a citizen from sacrifice a king?

16. If we are not Plato, must we be victims or images, 'no matter who we are'?

17. Is pain a thoughtless error?

18. Is it deferred that thought is more than brilliant pain?

19. Am I a loss if I have a principle and a disadvantage which are both real?

20. Does nothing occur which is not fashionable?

21. Is sex a theory to dying fact?

22. Does everything depend on law, to the unreasonable?

23. Must we believe an accident is bigger than any life?

24. In architecture and prosperity, must we choose between death and a dream?

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