Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Study of Big Assumptions

"Nature is philosophy"

"Art is dimension"

"Night is stealth"

I take these to be beautiful assessments of the middle ground between minimalism and hyperbolism. I posted these on Twitter @nathancoppedge as aphoristic quotations, using the tag #bigassumptions (the archetype).

Each of these makes a large claim, which may be ultimately questionable. But do these set a standard for what is right and wrong? At some point, via qualities, an assessment of hyperbole may be adequate for a certain amount of descriptiveness. Even when big assumptions are expressed, with the right stipulations, at the point that the claim may be argued to be too generic, it also expresses the nature of other, undeclared cases of 'big assumptions'; It is just at this point when the very nature of big assumptions is at its peak of accuracy.

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