Sunday, December 23, 2012

Studies of Cleverness

I was recently reading an article on a human resources website about cleverness:

The topic struck me as yet another iteration of the application error, the idea that context supplies a highly specific answer which is not as objective as might be assumed.

In my own studies of cleverness, which are not so 'HR', I look at the root aspects, seeking to find the network of associations and natural kinds. The result is a variation from a datum, in which variation occurs by hypocrisy, generation into complexity, or degeneration into obviousness. In this particular study the essential nature is lies. In future studies there may be real principles of cleverness which I distinguish are not objective in the sense of providing a product, not unless there is a strong qualification.

Categories of Cleverness:

[1] Denial of the obvious
[2] Indulgence in the obvious
[3] Using the obvious as a shield for nothing
[4] Shielding a small detail with complexity
[5] Complexifying basic information
[6] Inventing an elaborate explanation to
explain what would not otherwise be explained
[7] Explaining complexity
[8] Replacing simplicity with complexity
[9] Performing complexity

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