Sunday, December 23, 2012

Life's Propinquities

When I originally heard the word propinquity I thought it meant "an occasional thought". I'm following through with that definition here. That definition can be developed to mean, "a thought based on associations or influences, a manisterianism, eglagogy, or elan-mistre / mise en scene".

These aspects of definition have come to bear in a number of incidents in my life, as points of insight about life and thought. Here are some examples:

1. Lynn, my step-mother, commented that June bugs and cicadas are not the same thing.

2. A wooden figure carved for a Unitarian church seemed not to be a symbol of anything.

3. Playing LAN games with a friend in California, no one seemed to be winning or losing.

4. I conceived that a clay turtle I designed in grade school was a basis for my pseudonym.

5. It seemed that pure work of sketching a tree was the primary influence for designing systems.

6. Playing Jedi Knight II, I mused that I only cheated during one of the levels.

7. The symbol for Commonwheel seemed to pre-date perpetual motion.

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