Sunday, December 23, 2012

Important Archetypes of Quadratics

NEW ARCHETYPES emerge in the use of quadratics, especially:

The Double-Dualism, such as time-travel, dimensional consciousness, and global government

Paradigms which do not accept traditional dualism, such as Intermediate Interface and Inter-Personal Psyche

Contexts and Applications for these things, according to the view that the fourth dimension is the dynamic of hyper-dimension: time-traveling buildings, time-traveling economies, professional artists, citizen-as-government, modularity, physical perpetual motion (a stage between the old paradigm of immortal bodies and the future stage of spiritual continuity)

BACKGROUND: The archetypes of a given period of time often correspond to the number of millenia that have passed according to the calendar. So for example, the first millenia is represented by a circle (one loop), the second millenium is represented by infinity (two loops), and the third millenium is represented by the synergy (three-loops). Thus, technically speaking we have not yet entered the era of the quadra. There is consequently reason to believe that the quadra still presents a realm of prophecy.

However, there are major precedents for the quadra and other systems dating back to the ancient Chinese. The system of five elements sometimes includes one element called void, which suggests that materially it is a system of four. This may be why Aristotle saw the fourth degree as referring to the earth element (also, plots of land are often laid out in squares for organization).

Extending further, quadra may also be seen as referring to books, which have four or eight corners depending on whether they are open or closed. Part of the mythology of the book developed even further when the fourth dimension was associated with Time, Mercury, and en-genesis.

However, it may be important to note that the fourth dimension in reference to time may easily be extended further down the line, leaving hyper-cubes in place of "true" dynamics. In this sense the hyper-cube is the fourth dimension.

Adding the earlier elements, there is a nature to add the knowledge of books and the knowledge of elements (and the knowledge of Mercury and Genesis?) to the hyper-cube.

What results, in my mind, is an exaggeration of the meaning of ordinary elements which refer to the number four:

BOOK represents WORLD




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