Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Affirmative Dream

I had a dream that I was taking a math class and opened locker 247;

This is exactly the kind of dream I would have if my previous statement that I was Euler had some truth; I don't normally dream about waking life; For my dreams are prone to understatement, and so taking a class in my dream could not mean merely (as it is) that I'm taking a math class in real life; But this may be a fault related to the accessory condition which would explain that all dreams are about the future; But my feeling was it was about the past, and the locker represented my early commitment to 'cubism' i.e. hyper-cubism and the math class represented Euler's mathematical gift (or the madman's gift, when the madman called himself Euler), perhaps including Asberger's, which could explain the reference to chairs in a classroom, representing the classroom itself;

On the other hand, the dream expresses a number of mistakes, including an absence of memorable equations, and an assumption that Asberger's represents a swear::

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