Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Working Method 3: Art / Artish

1. Birds
2. Birds getting shot, etc.
3. Archetype, archetype getting stipulated
4. Passive bullets
5. Birds that explode without being shot (phoenixes)
6. "Phoenix" that doesn't explode
7. Art that cannot refer to phoenixes
8. Suicide gun: gun designed to fire at the shooter: "Typological"
9. Exploding clouds are normal clouds
10. Exploding art is normal art
11. Birds with special messages: if Jesus then post-Jesus
12. Fire as interface
13. People as problems: objects as virtues
14. Object problem in art: abstract virtues
15. Abstract deconstruction, "science"
16. Birds re-emerge without a message
17. Explosions re-emerge with a message
18. Bullets re-emerge with an ambiguous message
19. Explosions aren't bullets, and pragmatic messages
20. Art has popular messages, value of pop psychology
21. Art as murder, neurosis, and vengeance
22. Paradoxical morals
23. License-to-art, aesthetic messages
24. Corporate art, art that has been embraced
25. Original art, art that is "New"
26. Avant-garde, translation art
27. Human message art
28. Religious message art
29. Philosophical message art
30. Post-language art
31. Post-audience art
32. Post-human art
33. Post-aesthetic art
34. Boring art
35. Military art
36. Scientific message art
37. Advanced moralistic art
38. Rhetorical art
39. Divine art
40. Post-apocalyptic, deranged, disillusioned, and capitalist art
41. Found art
42. Meaningless art
44. Meaningful art
45. Dynamic message art
46. Trick or Optic art
47. Humorous problem art
48. Privileged aesthetic art
49. Form-of-beauty art
50. Classical aesthetic art
51. Universal aesthetic art
52. Specialist art
53. Transductive, vortistic art, morphization
55. Deep aesthetic, disturbing art
56. Ecological art, botany, gardening
57. Architecture, design aesthetic art
58. Metaphysical design, mandalas, scientific determination
59. Zen art, true minimalism, esoteric art
60. Quantitative art
61. Modular design, computer art, applied art
62. Extemporaneous art, judged art, color art
63. Burning art, spiritual art, "high craft" art, fashionable art
64. Demonic art, banned art, fetishes, primitive art
65. Political art, representative message art, "just is" art
66. Doctrine art, "secret" art, "stimulating art"
67. "Forgotten art", "happenstantial" art, "overpowering" art
68. Polished art, cultural art, traditional art
69. Diamonds, temples, and cemetaries
70. Profound art, bidden art, diabolical art
71. Portrait art, "mimetic" art, "uncanny art"
72. Figmentine art, transpositional art, specialty art
73. Heraldric and symbolic art, motifs, emblems, ikons
74. Systemic art, invention, clever art
75. Magic art, mistaken art, imaginative art

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