Saturday, October 13, 2012

Synesthetic Fibrillator

A fibrillator (fluctuating device, such as a reed instrument) involving synesthesia (the overlap of multiple types of sensory input). A continuation of a theme of pseudo-scientific ideas, synesthetic fibrillator can be treated as a kind of archetypal classification similar to the Aolian Harp, the Golden Braid, or Pan's Pipe.

Essentially, quantity overlaps with system and quality variables, producing a kind of synergy in which these types can become "fossilized" in eachother. For example, sensations recorded in systems become music, and quantity recorded in systems becomes classification. Quantity recorded in sensations becomes digital language or codification.

So the fibrillator relates these secondary aspects of its utility, namely codification, classification, and music. These in turn become overlapping categories which establish identities for sensations. Through correspondence---which transpires in synesthesia---codes are musics, classifications are codes, etc.

But what is the imputation of the device? Clearly there is a "vertical" series of centers, such as biological integration, interface interactivity, and social networking that corresponds to sensations and the various languages which may express them. And, like these vertical centers, other horizontal or diagonal centers may exist which also embody a sensory paradigm.

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