Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Precepts of Irrationalism

Precepts posted at Twitter recently:

Is irrational rationalism possible? Yes, because not choosing an opposite entails a contradiction

Should irrational rationalism be chosen? In minimalism, yes: so long as an explanation entails complexity;

Someone really is a fool: a small point to a rationalist;

Someone really isn't a fool: a small point to an irrationalist;

Deconstruction: a major point to a rationalist;

Coherency: a major point to an irrationalist;

Impossible things may be true, because of theories about unreal things: bogarts have dimension in thought;

There are answers that do not answer;

There are problems that are not problematic;

Answering problems is a problematic answer;

Knowledge of problems is not knowledge of solutions;

Take your pick, they don't conflict;

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