Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Vector Toggling


1. Just as a hill does not hinder an object from rolling in one direction or another upon it, a device using a rolling weight which switches direction is not inhibited by the physical embodiment which allows this altercation to take place; If there is a frictional force, this does not impede an actual device, when the actual device has a principle of motion; It only impedes a device which has no such principle of altercation; For this purpose, it is sufficient to say that the only condition in which the device is hindering is a case in which perpetual motion is impossible; I will not make that assumption;

2. There is no denying that vectors exist, and vectors are not the only principle concept I am using; Because dominoes may be used to reset one of the original dominoes, there is an obvious blurriness even in the use of very simple objects to express vectoring; It is easily possible to imagine, ala Achilles and the Tortoise, that if matter were infinitely divisible, such a reaction as the dominoes would be sufficient for perpetual motion;

3. What the previous statements amount to is the idea that toggling is sometimes very indicative of perpetual energy (since we have shown that vectors are subject to a certain reducibility); Otherwise we are saying that perpetual motion is impossible;

4. From the principle of momentum without velocity = momentum without force (still possible), toggling is not  rendered logically impossible, both with friction and with the principle of conservation of energy; Essentially, what is being said is merely that any energy involved in the system goes to counteract friction; The sum total is equivalent to an object at rest; Physics does not deny this; What is being added is merely the statement that motion is still possible, albeit motion with no inherent energy; But because we are considering a situation that physics treats as an object at rest, energy is still possible, following from the statement that an object could be rolling on a hill, and simply not have begun moving; Furthermore, the vectors involved suggest to some minds that the sum total of energy is zero, when instead it incorporates vector toggling::

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