Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Causal Equilibria

Causal Equilibrium may be possible in these four cases:

1. The case in which an object has no mass (photons)
     A. By product with relatively absolute velocity
     B. As a condition of not accelerating
2. The case in which the vector of transfer does not consist of energy
     A. Force in a vacuum
     B. Force transferred over distances
3. The case in which an object has zero velocity [the secret of relative mass]
     A. An object at rest
     B. An object reacting to a principle of vector toggling,
          with zero sum momentum by terms of
          acceleration limit
4. The case in which the object has endless energy
     A. Finite continuous energy such as "unbreakable
     B. Universal or relatively universal causality

In each case a energy may be produced by treating force-vector as a surplus.

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