Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Philosopher's Prospectus on the Future State of the Internet

I will emphasize that in my previous entry on the current state of the internet, the internet has become "update" focused, the result being that nearly everything that is not highly complex becomes measured only in a degree of "updatedness" which becomes the only meaningful variable of interactivity. Realistically, there should be more than just updates on what we know to be the internet, or future metaverse, a concept that is increasingly I think prone to ironies as blurring emerges between past and future concepts of media.

One path to follow is the path to variablism: mathematics is an underused metaphor for the functionality of the internet. Even without using axial diagrams to represent zones of conceptual space or user interface, there may be ways where quantification (that is, sub-division) of key aspects like update could be meaningful. For example, on a qualia level, there should be automatic integration between images in art and language that are judged to be meaningful. This in turn affects the "active concepts" or meta-terminology associations / interests for a given individual. Thirdly, as a consequence of associations which may be linked to specific websites, representations, or applications, a meta-application may be found which implements a "functionality platform" for all associated keywords. Now we have updates in several realms, which are distinct in their approach to functionality: there is (1) the associative level, which integrates with micro-level media choices, such as daily preferences, there is (2) the conceptual space, including accomplishments and organizational frameworks, reflecting abstract choices and hence systematic relationships with other systems, including AIs, universities, corporations, the government, representatives of interests, etc. and there is (3) the application-of-applications, a free or commercial product which makes the most of micro preferences and abstract relationships to express an outward data-state for the individual; Fourthly, what may be added to this is that there is an "intermediate interface" which expresses the "ideal interactions" of the outward information state with other earlier or emergent forms of data; It is only at this stage where I believe the concept of "update" emerges with clarity; Updates are no longer merely "preferences" (however desirable), "abstract data" (however understood), or "functionality platforms" (however presumably perfected), instead attention is paid to the nitty-gritty aspect of just what constitutes ideal dynamic information; This is a level beyond screening for lude content or conducting surveys on acceptability; Instead, programs or bots by which I mean applications such as the "paradines" mentioned earlier, must pro-actively support a wide variety of specialized interests, each built on the paradigm of serving the individual functionally, informationally, and preferentially.

What this means is that (1) there should be scenario editors for much of the media that is available freely on the internet, (2) these editors should provide free or paid services explicitly on the basis of providing superior content, (3) the functional role of the individual should be integrated with these services in a way that ostensibly serves social interest; if that interest is expressed to be environmental, political, economic, or intellectual, such platforms must themselves integrate with trends in media and personalized applications, (4) these preceding trends raise awareness of a need for ever increasing specialization of the output of media, not on an "as-is" basis, but rather on an "ex-priori" basis---the idea that media-as-function-of-media is the key variable in determining media usefulness, this means media in a broad sense; it is then no longer possible to ignore the popularization of artificially constructed novels, public roles for insignificant people, idealization of pornography, and the marketing of free poetika AI, (5) increasingly, these wasps-nests of applications will be a function not of money, policy, or image, but instead the individuality-function within the nests of information; Even without a full cybernetics interface, young people demand to interact with the internet with a complexity consistently at the level of entertaining computer games; What this implies is the standardization of interface, in bold text; Not just worlds landscaped by a media corporation, but the very connection of similar properties of information across the internet, which the user may determine to be themselves, microscopically, a valid basis for entire worlds of information; The future user should be able to determine where a new "world" may be formed;  In the objectivity of information science, these worlds will be incidental influences, which are as important as they are influential upon the foundational elements of media science and "updates". But no longer is an update merely an ad hoc "display" of media; Instead, media is a set of hidden associations which implicate the real desires and intellects of the real influencers; Whether these influencers are dead people who once thought great thoughts, or someone very young who has little more than a motivation for color, media should immediately (or, with need, gradually and laboriously) embrace every figment of an idea, and automatically and cheaply build upon it, with the best parser applications tools, so that finally it is possible for everyone to feel "media magic" not as an "as-is" movie expression, but as an "ex-priori" function of EVERYTHING that is important in the WORLD; This will not come as a crushing blow upon egotism, as science has shown that when emotions are a function of chemistry, chemistry takes precedent in the display of interactions; When people get what they want, it is not a failure of chemistry; And it is not bogged down in sophisticated references; People get--magically, "from the best and highest  information"---exactly what they want. That is the future. And the new paradigm in economics, but the way, is that sincere investments are a function of culling the best of actual commitments, so loss or gain, all is profitable; Adding variablism, it looks even better. Even if the future is virtual, we stand to gain from genuine information investments.

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