Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Perpetual Motion Idea

Every few months, sometimes longer, I find a new idea for perpetual energy. My recent design is triangular-shaped, and I have yet to work out precisely how the track works, but typical of my designs it uses a single ball-weight which operates a differential principle.

In this case a kind of "bezel-weight" (an ugly but functional name, I know) is used, to counteract a progression along two tracks which are sloped downwards, doubling back. The two tracks are positioned across a fulcrum unevenly, so that the last track leads up to the fulcrum, and the first track mostly follows after the fulcrum. A small more sharply upwards sloping track joins the two segments, and is positioned in opposition to the bezel weight, slightly to the side of the first segment of track. The result is that when the bezel weight is de-activated by low leverage or bearing on the first part of the first track, then the weight is permitted to roll on the first track and apply pressure downwards until the first and second tracks are fully activated. At that point, the bezel weight is activated (not de-activated), but the slope continues downwards on the second track, until the bearing on the track structure is minimal, and the bezel-weight is then de-activated.

Because of the sideways pivot of the entire track structure, disinclusive of the bezel weight (which is mounted seperately), the bezel weight not only allows some (although not 100%) return momentum on the lever activation, but the second portion of track is allowed to be sloped upwards, not downwards, once the bezel weight bears down, by being de-activated.

The result is a kind of swivel device, with slightly less illusive subtlety than the Coquette device. Thanks for reading.

ABOVE: A Bezel-Weight
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