Friday, September 14, 2012

Other Dimensional Toolkits

Prospectively, I've begun to consider writing other full-length texts along the themes of dimensionism and knowledge toolkits. As posted on my Amazon author profile, I've begun to write a Psychologist's Toolkit in an attempt to apply dimensional principles to a wider discipline. While some would call dimensional thought superficial by comparison to the deep thoughts of psychology and inter-personal dynamics, I have hopes that some of the gleanings about typology and knowledge may find a foundation in psychic and social-context studies as well. I have already designed the cover, but of course marketing this one without a PhD in psychology may be more hallucination than reality.

Other books in this series may follow, but for now it looks like the most interest has been attracted to the first of the series, The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit. It is not yet released, but is scheduled to be published in early 2013.

I've also had thoughts of writing a novel, but my instinct is that the longer I wait the better. It's already been seven years since I've written a quantity of poetry (with the exception of a number of sonnets that were casually formulated, each upon the last); they say the more distance between novels and poetry the better. My ambition, however, is to combine themes from both, by using aphorisms.

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