Saturday, September 29, 2012

Colloquium Consciousness

I would collect a series of these posts on pseudoscience if I had such a number of ideas in the same category. Perhaps gradually.

But what this idea amounts to is that the Greeks during the Socratic period were an experiment with consciousness. What I call "colloquium consciousness". Part of an index of prospective ideas. By God or government, or if you believe the idealists, the intrinsic nature of the human mind.

Anyway, it seems that this idea was the basis for what we now know as democracy. It brings into question what other ideas might be tentative to the great powers. And what has been suppressed---under my assumptions---by suppressing consciousness?

Perhaps consciousness is the only key to a golden age, and democracy has become the ambiguous turning coin of economics, while meanwhile no economy may be necessary to the conscious developments of a period in which there are "conscious investments".

But some would say this is "poofy smoke tricks". Of course we believe in economics.

But what if economics is ultimately a footnote to colloquium consciousness, by virtue of the influence of democracy? This would be interesting.

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