Sunday, September 30, 2012

Categorical Desire

Continuing the topics based on pseudoscience idea.

What constitutes rationalism about the irrational? Or are the emotions irrational after all? The term "categorical" may be seen as relating to an entic (entity) context, whereas the term "desire" suggests vectors of some sort of property, perhaps psychological; That makes the metaphysics of the situation look a little dubious: where is this entity? On what grounds does it seek pleasure or satisfaction? What after all, is categorical desire?

Desire, in a categorical sense, may be a desire for the inwardness or outwardness of an entity; Someone may confuse an aspect of self for an aspect of judging the world; For example, what seems interesting may be concocted only by associations which relate to memory and prior experience; What seems doubtful relates especially to conditioned responses that have more to do with the past than the future; So what, if any concept remains if we de-psychologize the context?

A simple answer may come from synthetic concepts of self: e.g. what is the intrinsic program which we associate with the deepest aspects of ourself? How is this contingent upon aspects like survival and mood/affect? Categorical desire begins to look like a simple interaction between the simple desires of the inner self and the complex demands of the outer world;

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