Friday, September 28, 2012

Authorhouse and Social Security: The Process for my Mind and Body?

I was looking over a horrible cartoon of Freud insulting women that was included in one of my assigned texts, and this piqued my interest on an abstract level because Freud is a potential subject for my potential book project, The Dimensional Psychologist's Toolkit (not to be confused with my other book, The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit); In short my reasoning followed a convoluted path:

1. If gender issues are comparable to the implicit concerns of any other cohort (say, one that does not feel affiliated with gender, but may be affiliated with an academic discipline that has been seen as predominantly male) then what are my implicit concerns, when I become a so-called cosmopolitan thinker, who has multiple  key areas of interest?

2. Say that there is an inherent insult/ and also an insight for every key discipline, or even every cosmopolitan 'disciplain' or preferred comfort area for an entity, which may span multiple disciplines, in the way architects are often strong theorists on pragmatic issues; Then, what is the dual-, tri-, or quadra- partite division of my own cosmopolitan insult as a supposed cosmopolitan thinker?

3. Resolving these issues could resolve some aspect of what may otherwise be a conflicted identity, or a misguided purpose, the idea that cosmopolitanism is not prone to errors or pitfalls.

4. So my key problems, I realized, are 'problemations', realizations of problems-and-answers in one unit. In this sense, according to an earlier thesis, cosmopolitanism is an optimal approach, but in the new theory its realization is (suitably or unsuitably) ironic. In short, Authorhouse, a self-publishing company, has become my mental resource, and Social Security, a government charity organization, has become the surrogate for my body.

5. What can I conclude then except some pitiful denomination of 'this is what I receive for being so low in life'? What is the subtle, legitimate foothold I have for profound science or fiction?

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