Saturday, August 4, 2012

Intent to publish The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

The book follows up unofficially on the work of Peter S. Fosl and Julian Baggini, by making great strides into the field of categorical and typological knowledge systems; The book is scheduled for release in early 2013, by Authorhouse.

The forms of knowledge present in the book make great strides beyond what I thought to be a rarified coherent system based on God and objects, which I wrote into my web publication, the Unity Project, a number of years ago.

Categorical knowledge will be a recurrent theme in future book projects, including a work I have already begun called How to Write Aphorisms: The Aphoristic Method. While this work may not be as initially popular as the 1-Page-Classics or the Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit, it seems possible that gradually the small numbers of sales from the entire collection will be mutually supportive, and determine that I have a minimum influence, if not upon future scholars, then at least upon a small sampling of students and "fringe thinkers". However, finding a means to advertise without paying a hefty sum has been difficult beyond belief.

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