Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Stages

I recently posted business cards around New Haven in an attempt to attract new audiences for my book, the 1-Page-Classics.

It is a complex book, and I think successful in more than one area. It is not exactly a novel, one reason the publishers decided to classify it as general philosophy (according to my behest) and also literary criticism---the last choice being not exactly fair, it's actually a small percentage of the content and more creative than revisionary. Some of the content is fiction based on pre-existing classics, and some of the other quasi-fictional content is actually original, or otherwise was interpreted from history (lost works) using psychic powers.

One question emerging in my mind recently is if, in addition to several books of philosophy, I may also publish an art book at some point. But it all depends on sales. I don't want to commit if there is no audience for any of my material.

I'm too superstitious to cross my fingers.

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