Monday, July 18, 2011

I found a blog about fusion power, which exists in England (as distinguished from cold fusion, which has been termed impossible);
Energy is broadly inspiring for hyper-cubic artwork, which I have continued to give away for free with the hope that others will re-sell the work after framing it themselves.

It would be a divine snafu if I found a means to invent a perpetual device following counter-intuitive rules, this would be very inspiring for artwork and philosophy, but not as much for the nature of history.

History is a perverse feat of numbers. Theoretically, anyone who has an original idea of numbers can win at history. But this is not what everyone believes.

There is one theory that the decimal system ends at 49 because of squares and inclusiveness. It seems arbitrary to some. I think its a neat idea. Along with the second zero, which in depth may have the potential to change mathematics---e.g. many theories overstepped the concept of zero significantly.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I've posted some technological commentary at Esther Dyson's Technology Column at Project-Syndicate.Org

Sites like that are so rare on the web - - -