Monday, May 23, 2011

Concordia Paradoxica

I'm working on a new book of paradoxes

Israel has good air conditioning

The most Israeli photo in the world

I went to Israel once with a friend of mine, although I'm not Jewish or Christian.

Technology and Psychology

Electrodes are existentialism, they need to proliferate. I went to an electrode-based test once over a mental health issue, and they used electrodes, I thought it was so cool.

The thing is, they need advanced functions to map psychological impressions. Unless impressions are captured, they cannot be oriented towards real-time responsiveness with visuals or psychological cues.

Combining real-time, visuals, and psychology could make life into a series of rather simple and enjoyable games.

I look forward to how it is integrated with architecture, as a visual medium. It should take off. Electrodes by themselves seem very affordable. Shaved heads can become very popular. Speaking in a humanitarian tone, its about time.