Thursday, April 7, 2011

Definition of Axiometry

1. In Plato, a dialectical dualism or contingency of positions.
2. In categorics or objective coherentism, the use of a Cartesian diagram for the inclusion of qualia as absolutes.

Coherent Objectivism

I have posted at several blogs with the idea of starting a typological philosophy, "objective coherentism":

In traditional coherentism, statement p is true if it meets conditions S, where S may be contingent.

In Objective Coherentism,

Coherentists are those who hold that for n equivalent statements, organization S is valid when n is ennumerated.

So before a statement is determined to be invalid or subjective, it may be seen that it is either:

A. A difficult claim in a particular organization

B. A difficult claim based on the perfection of evidence

Stated in these terms, coherentism can be a form of objective philosophy.