Sunday, March 7, 2010

Examples of the psyche are rarish anhowever worth visiting

This is a sample of how I may investigate publishing occult materials

I had a brief contact with a Crowley on the web (there is a Crowley famous for publishing occult materials, although I don't know how much money he recieves, he should receive more)

His name is August Crowley or something like that, it is in many commercial occult libraries


daynomads said...

You wouldn't be referring to the works of Alistair Crowley by any chance? He was a famous-or infamous-occult writer of the early 20th Century. He called himself a magician, and practiced some rather silly things like buggery in the name of magic(k). If he ever achieved more than notoriety is unknown.

Nathan Coppedge said...

I once got a blog comment from someone named Crowley, intriguing. I have made one book project out of a Grimora idea, but its a little eclectic and visual-oriented. Maybe I'll succeed in more that one writing venue. Right now its too much to hope [breaking my heart]