Sunday, October 12, 2008

Adding & an Addendum

Recent events: (amen) drawings given freely to Yale School of Architecture [maybe preserved? or student-taken?] (breth) Philosophy project succeeding again (coda) website discovered at taking images etc. [some work involved] (degre) symbolic interest thriving, developing composed pages on parchment paper from Kinko's (ept) can afford sandwiches again thanks to my mother's reduced rent requirements (fear) intent emerging to consider perpetual motion seriously again, although psychologically this has been very disheartening--a concept can seem like gold and I utterly lack the impetus to develop it (goda) some things seem to click--I've found a health drink, a possible therapist, I may move out of my parents' house, my projects are developing, my public image is improving, and flirting is occasionally possible; new zones of serendipity or trial seem feasible (haleh) much depends on the life of system e.g. a book or art presence that seems real (iten) as a product-oriented talent I need reassurance that something may be marketed e.g. results emotionally and financially (jend) a public voice or interest may do wonders; I may push noteriety successfully via the web, radio, or a print article (kamen) having a substrate of dependable factors is reassuring when true (levend) when I find shui I give shui, as best I may (mend) personality changes seem much more possible now, to good effect life-willing (namen) formulas may create results (omen) signs of fortune seem like incredible fangled wonders of variegate light (preh) self-law permitted, I must only sustain myself to work wonders or apparent wonders (quit) by default, when things are out of place I may remain with new poems and boiled cocoa (rela) maybe eventually I'll find that college that takes people for books and art, not murder or sex (sola) some emblems or accoutrements work wonders on their own--radiant coils of light, watches and handbags (tredna) maybe the least of wonders is to find myself amongst different architecture (uter) words vary yet vary in their results--important moment of fact (vivend) good things may come not as death (wish) zones of principle sometimes have life, even from above (xilla) sometimes wisdom or shrewdness is the aperture between a material place of accomplishment and a definite feeling of the known (yew) I look for outlooks (zona) sometimes it is enough to compose a desk with small stones [say it isn't death by drugged zen]

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