Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Notebook project

I've found eleven errors of reasoning--widely known as fallacies--that fit neatly into a concept-project for a 400-pg. book; so far only 49; maybe realistically its a sixth so that's progress, however I often go rather far with an outline before leaving it in its fishbones as something that ought to have lived

As an additional note, punctuation may be rhetorical with some equivalence to frequent boolean operators (such as "and", "if", "ifthen", "yet", "or", "when", "is roughly", etc.)

,, may denote extensis of reason into a proceeding element, as of a rhetorical pause

_ _ _ the dashed ellipsis (maybe solipsis) may connote a continuing trend rather than an awkward dream

| | | | caesura dividers have a quality of categorality lending itself to || good quotes ||, | element | s |, and l | eve | l ||| di | st | in | c | t | ions as of paper games or the mysterious wave variance

colors may also denote in the same manner as letters an implicit cohensis or scriation to the process of expositing language as though it were spoken with the tongue