Thursday, July 10, 2008

You-Tube Extrannea

A rare clip of simple PM theory may be found at You-Tube [formerly perhaps u-tube]

The Coquette Type 2 is a supposition on an antipodal difference in the weight-distance ratio in leverage

See diagrams at:

Coquette Diagrams


Motists like Cynics might be bastards of the world: e.g. as old men are fools or cynics dogs Motists accrete negative terminology expressing their terrible compensatory lack of character in one department: 'philosophical_animals'

in this case 'bastion' is a philosophical construct, a fortress from which the stones of truth are flung [in all complicit drama: e.g. with the extravagence of holy fools]


My earlier runescript known as Aemenbreth might be supplemented with numerals as such[symbological]:

Color-Scripting as Emotional Language