Wednesday, May 28, 2008


'where is the beginning of being' one might ask
in relation to persona;
for example in representative
identification what precisely would
replace the view that staring at an
office printer and determining simply
'I am a printer' or 'I
identify with this printer,
therefore I see it'?
Is it automatically a failure
of perception to not see printer
as 'I-am or of- of-printer'?

In other words, with greater clarity,
there are several alternatives:

1. Integrity of being is a thing-in-itself independent of confirmation in objects, vis. their reality or affirmation or symbolification of self-feeling or law-concept

2. When objects do not affirm self, self-concept disintegrates, independent of the origin of self-authority

3. Self-authority via authority finds affirmation, or objects affirm a principle of authority in a modal approach to experience

There is health though occassionally in ideas [what is now seen as 'sanity' was once termed 'logicum']

. character gives life
..some situations are more enchanted than others
...there is nothing deadly about an idea that doesn't kill

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