Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dualistic Isms

Optimism-->Happiness: what is conceived as optimism is really an 'ismization' of the very personal and valuable desire or consistency of happiness or the nearest thing

Positivism-->Optimism: the simple notion of positivism as scientific rigor (albeit with principles of application) may be conceived in terms of the meaningfulness of the trend of finding results, or the systems or methods implemented and their relation to a concept of self; in this sense it would be conjoined with optimism as a trend that is not objective in the sense of assuming valuelessness is the null

Objectivity-->Positivism: what is often known as truth-finding may be translated into an existential mindframe adapted to experience in terms of symbols, modes, and archetypal concepts of self (positivism)

Philosophy-->Objectivity: philosophy as it relates to truth may translate into ideas-as-objects (discrete elements or identities) or objectivity

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