Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Miscellaneous Argument Concerning "Eversleep"

If not patient in considering 'eversleep', it may suggest fatalism.

If not, realism

Thus if not a realist, romantic fatalism or romantic idealism, thus distinguishing realism from romance in general-->

'eversleep' indicates counterpart to transcient wakefulness a pseudonym for 'now', thus fitting the Motist technique of forming a holism from dual categorical opposites;

('in the Vennicular', that is in relation to Venn diagrams, imaginatively:)

Solipsistic fate --> realism --> romantic fatalism --> romantic idealism --> perpetuity of time

('solips --> realisme --> rome --> idealle --> chronn')

suggests romantic or personal zones / mandalas

stages such that

[ q. of self
q. of form
q. or role
q. of ultimate
q. of endurance ]

This provides a sort of 'schematic' of existential application, creating an order of operations in resolving various questions of motive and need within experience.

Although vague, one may consider for example that solving in an absolute sense the question of whether one may endure is not often entirely broached until one has lost all endurance. Similarly, life in general is predicated on having a self, yet the self may not be fully defined, creating weaknesses in the application of self-life.

Although form is a precedent for role in many contexts, form may have flaws, weaknesses, or its own prerogatives before motive truly comes into play. Although the ultimate is seen as having great importance, its really only approached in the context of all other considerations, including the one following: endurance.

Individual entities may be considered in terms of self, form, role, ultimate, and endurance, complicating the matter of how presumably distinct things interrelate. Another approach is to consider how each concept exists overall, without referring to any distinct thing. In the second approach a categorical method could be used to determine general categories implicative of a more complete logic of the relation of entities.

Although this is a precis, I would like to carry this logic further in my future parsing of categorical logic. There is something in this sort of thinking, whether a circle is made of two or four or seven segments that implies a better world, or a more wholesome inhensiveness in the relation and integration of thought and world.


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