Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Motist Artwork

Skeerie, ink on paper 2008

Chairns, ink on paper 2008

Carcatta, ink on paper 2007

Muir, ink on paper 2007

Impertures, ink on paper 2007

Works primarily in ink may be viewed at Machina Aesthetika


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hoofwingbattalion said...

These are great, Nathan! I wrote the other day but haven't heard from you. I didn't check my blog for too long, I guess. I might go over to the library to see if I can deliver a note or find you...The # here is 389-5806. We're at 296 Alden Ave. in Westville off Willard Off Fountain or Whalley the street name is Harrison Street, cr of the westville library on Whalley or the post office and fire station on Fountain. Becomes Alden after Fountain.