Monday, January 7, 2008

A General Procedure of Thoughtful Modes

I've noticed a certain methodology in my creative process, working roughly in a system of checks, returning or reiterating unless conditions are met:

1. Compelling: feng shui, attraction, prescient sense, seeking the inexorable, health

2. Fixation: ideal of "vicarious rapture" for justice/ beauty/ articulation/ joinery

3. Object of Importance: an element expressive of a dynamic, or holding a logic

4. Excursion: borrowing impetus, carried by an idea, nurturing patience and concern

5. Expression: action compelled from concern; discovery of a form for fixation; i.e. a second layer of compelling

6. Worlding: enduring modes and concerns compelled from fixations, as discovered in the expressive mode; a second layer of fixation

7. "Fascination": technical term for comparing "worlds", modes, symbols, or impressions, metaphorically or analogically. A second layer of object

8. Departure: erratic or fearful search for new foundations or passions, roughly as rational as all foundations already relied upon. A second layer of excursion

(compelling, fixation, object of importance, excursion, expression, worlding, fascination, departure)

Interpreting under a categorical loop:

1. life of method,
2. method of madness,
3. madness of form,
4. form of an idea,
5. an idea compelled,
6. compelling fixed,
7. fixate forms,
8. formal excursions

Or, roughly (a practical summary):

1. Enthusiasm
2. Consideration
3. Formalism
4. Living with it
5. Recognizing and identifying
6. Mode-as-symbol
7. Scrying life
8. Adventure / Diversion

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