Saturday, January 5, 2008

For the sake of the perpetuity of system

I'm posting a chart demonstrating a deductive method of Unity, explicated in my book, The Motist. I would reserve this strictly for my published material, but I find at this point that publication is uncertain and holds few certain merits.

The diagram shows an evaluation in qualific terms of a "meat factory", considered categorically in terms of one specific form of deduction, to point a categorical hierarchy of qualification.

The diagram follows. Enlarge by clicking directly on the image

This is a snapshot of a linear-degenerative or strictly linear form of the IEOC method, in which "Spending" is the fundamental nature of the chart, "Loss" is the process or effectiveness, "Process or Fear/Pain" is the objectivity, and "Horror or Butchering" is changeable (reflecting Identity, Effectiveness, Object, and Change).

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