Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Volitional Concept Under Construction

For the first time I notarized an original document, with the intent to keep the design secret even from potential computer vulnerabilities.

The design marks 1 year and four months from the formation of my website at nathancoppedge.com, indicating that some published designs are no longer patentable, even with evidence of priority, workability, and a good lawyer.

Recently purchased materials from Hull's Hardware may allow me to build a model of the latest design in the next several days, whatever its merits. I have been eager to post photos or even a movie clip of a design or my experiments with it for the purpose of promoting the website or generating wider audience appeal.

I have even considered that a device functioning by one measure or another, or applicable as a non-perpetual toy of one kind or another might be marketable as a sort of trinket or novelty without patent protection. The urge to tinker with these materials is not inherently an urge to find a windfall of cash (some might say the opposite. For me the materials have a value similar to ink, that in certain forms an art object is produced, which seems valuable to me apart from its saleability. Maybe this points towards a hobby or career direction as I mature).

News or photos hopefully when this takes a sufficient form, however until then science indicates there's nothing to get excited about. I'm suppressing notions that some government agency would appropriate it into the "secret" energy program, as part of an effort to promote the foolish urges of future pseudo-inventors. To some extent my lack of interest in this sort of approximate delusion suggests that there are things wrong with the world, if only because free energy has been so much a pipe dream, that laws can be taken for granted outside of philosophy.


Nathan Coppedge said...

I believe the device in question is the Coquette. I have a video of the Coquette Type 2 on youtube, but it is hand-operated, not perpetual:


Nathan Coppedge said...

I was discouraged for a short time about the coquette concept, but I have since found some reason for reassurance. After-all, the problems I found were fairly unique to the coquette. A lever can perpetuate slope, so theoretically the tilt motor works. Other concepts don't look 100% worse than that necessarily.