Monday, December 10, 2007

I have sent

A revised introduction to a reporter who has offered to assist me in marketing my work. Otherwise there have been few obvious strides in Motism lately.

I continue to operate a Motist art gallery at Machina Artistika: Part of the Impossible Machine

The photographs in Cycle 2 (most often updated) are now ordered according to the most recent appearing.

I have a few potent projects which depend on signs of success to grow.

I've considered forming a website called The Terrapinian as a platform for authorship, with Motism in mind. However, its so contingent now its a little irrational to think its of the greatest importance. But how to plan ahead in these endeavors?

When I consider the Terrapin who would sell books, I feel like so much more of a person. Life in cafes and little bookshops could begin to mean something. I'd be a smeller and breather of ink. I'm even working at a library. I'm so contented with bits of my introduction, part of me is apprehensive that I'm just setting myself up for unexpected failure. The same feeling has existed to various degrees for several years. The things that are gold to me! To think it isn't folly!

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