Monday, November 26, 2007

News lately, and apologies

I failed to follow up on my blog activity in October, due to hiccups and developments of various kinds, however I'm returning to it now. Partly I was responding to the limited results of press activity.

My latest pursuit concerns the symbolism of glyphs, which suggest a geometrical nature to categorality. I'm not at the point of interpreting Mayan, but have clear and sudden impressions of the nature of line variations, within certain set forms.

The Motist has not yet been published. I continue to correspond with Phil Hall about eventual suitability, most currently about revising the introduction.

Perpetual motion has taken a backseat. Unless some virtue is seen in my posted designs it doesn't seem like anything will come of them. I'm still interested in automata, which play a special role as expressions of enginuity (e.g. Rube Goldberg devices, self-executing series, machine-as-metaphor, toys as thought experiments, etc.) but lately my concepts have remained concepts without resulting in anything commercial or demonstrative.

It was a jealous dissapointment to find an artist's wire structures in a boutique; one device operated by a crank was made to look fancifully like leaping fish, mounted on a wooden stand, pricetag $300. I was amazed I hadn't seen these before, yet also fascinated at the design. Its simple enough, and yet has such wonderful effects. True perpetual motion might aspire to be equally precious and rare. Even without a patent, maybe such devices could be sold in mass as curios. Building a miniature model might secure my name, even if it didn't secure a large income. I identify with these things so consoledly, I don't see how they would not be a greater part of my life.

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