Thursday, October 4, 2007


I've sent The Motist manuscript to be reviewed. This is the nearest I've been to the writing life. I have the feeling that a great deal may hinge on this, but continue to remind myself that readers need a book that is considered through and through, so I should look over all materials with great care and revise wherever it might improve.

When it comes down to it, the effect on readers is far more important than the intentions of the writer, particularly if the writer's intentions remain vague. To some extent The Motist fulfills its promise in the present form, however I find it slightly disquieting that it doesn't remind me directly of any book I have seen on the shelf.

At least I can tell myself I am more prepared than ever to write.

Otherwise, I have posted a demonstration of the Coquette energy concept at Coquette.

I hope to create additional demos soon for other concepts, however these are not working models but slightly realistic demonstrations of principles.

Investigations 4 will be posted soon, if time allows.

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