Saturday, September 22, 2007

An Observation on the Context for Volitionism

Energy from?
Fuel from?

Reinforces a kind of error that might date back to the 'Copernican revolution'

e.g. that life as we know it is in the middle of the energy universe: we do not create or destroy it, because it is immutable and timeless just as some say history was once perceived.

However, if it were discovered that energy could be created, this would indicate a role that is not only active in energy use, but more directly in the laws through which energy is channeled up to the point where it is perceived. For example, a river came from rain, and the elements and fuel of a power station must be consolidated before a single house has power.

However it is my view that there is something between burning and derivation that has more to do with the kind of grace that allows energy to be possible at all. This is more properly what legitimate volitional mechanics--if possible--would be about. For more on this, see my pages on Volition at Volitional Mechanics

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