Thursday, May 24, 2007

A more public face...

Terrapin is a name known to few. He is a man sometimes of few words. He has been a man on the margins for some time.

He is also a man of various talents, talents which given time must earn a hearing.

First, he is an artist in ink and paints. The world he travels is not always the world he explores.

Secondly, he is a metaphysical thinker. His Free-Thought Manifesto is not yet in print, but it details a philosophy that is not merely rational, but confers with experience, mythos, archetypes, literature.

Thirdly, his eccentricities take form in concepts for perpetuum mobiles, devices he theorizes could run on their own reason, if his hands were only able enough to build them. Yet he knows that some concepts are better than others.

Fourthly, he is also an aesthete of words: from time to time he writes verses meant to accommodate the life of the mysterious.

His new website explores each of these areas, giving freely in order to permit the most hopeful and least decided of visitors--the most impressionable ones--to see with their new eyes the extent of his city of wonders, his Impossible Machine.

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